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The menu at Nantucket offers only the freshest seafood you can find—anywhere. "We get all of our seafood delivered fresh daily,” Rick says, "from both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. We have trusted partners on both coasts who deliver our seafood daily.” So virtually every night Nantucket guests can count on a choice selection of grouper, swordfish, halibut, Boston cod, and tuna—as well as other seafood fare and offerings, such as live Maine Lobster, on a seasonal basis. Nantucket also keeps an eye on sustainability by only offering selections from healthy oceans that are not being over-fished or compromised in any way.

For those who prefer something other than seafood, Nantucket offers Rick’s signature filets and mouthwatering cuts of beef that have won him wide acclaim at his West End Grille restaurant, just down Main Street. To top it off, Nantucket features a long list of fine wines to perfectly compliment whatever dish his guest select.

Savor the taste of local, organic fruits and vegetables in our salads and vegetarian dishes. Even our croutons are home made!

In addition to our regular menu selections, we also offer set $30 & $42 Three-Course Theater Menus.


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